About Us

Curiosity led Dr. Howenstine to begin reading about natural health treatments in 1997. This process was triggered when he observed that 5 of his patients taking the chemotherapy drug methotrexate for severe rheumatoid arthritis were able to discontinue the methotrexate after taking an extract of New Zealand mussels.

This research has convinced Dr. Howenstine that natural therapies have significant advantages over pharmaceutical drugs:

• Because they are derived from natural sources, these substances are easier for the body to assimilate and metabolize than are pharmaceutical drugs. All drugs break down into acid residues that the body must dispose of.

• Natural therapies appear to be more effective than drugs in resolving health problems, and there is often a safe natural solution to a problem no pharmaceutical drug can help.

• Natural therapies generally have fewer and milder side effects than pharmaceutical drugs.

• These natural products are much less expensive than pharmaceutical drugs.


His research ultimately culminated in the book A PHYSICIANS GUIDE TO NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS THAT WORK.

Dr. Howenstine is a board certified specialist in internal medicine who took care of hospital and office patients for 34 years. The Natural Health Team has individuals with computer and business skills to facilitate, coordinate, and help market both natural health products and the book, which we hope will open up new vistas for improved health care for many patients and persons who want to get well and stay that way. The book was written to be understood by lay people but Dr. Howenstine also hopes that the book will enable many physicians to grasp the exciting prospects that natural substances have to benefit their patients.

In the course of investigating many products, Dr. Howenstine selected 39 that he feels have great merit. Most of these substances are not readily available to the general public and only a few can be found in health food stores. Whenever possible we provide a second source where these products can be purchased. Over time additional products will be added and some of the originals will be dropped as they are surpassed by better ones.