Arteriosclerosis begins with an injury to the endothelial cell lining of an artery. This injury may result from high blood pressure, cholesterol or homocysteine elevation, and cigarette smoke. This injury permits lipoprotein (a), cholesterol, and platelets to clump at the site of the injury creating an arterial plaque.

Healthy endothelial cells produce an endothelial-cell relaxing factor (nitric acid) that prevents the deposit of white blood cells and platelets. When the endothelial cells do not have l-arginine, they fail to make nitric acid and this may permit a plaque to start developing on the lining of the artery. After enlargement of the plaque a heart attack, stroke or gangrene may occur. Damaged arteries make less nitric acid (NO) and there is less protection against further damage to the artery.

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Heals arteriosclerotic plaques in arteries
Improves erections in males
Dilates arteries to lower blood pressure
When arginine is administered the remaining healthy cells in the lining of the artery manufacture more nitric oxide, which protects the artery against further plaque enlargement. An important study in the journal Circulation showed that arginine taken over time was able to decrease the size of arteriosclerotic plaques.

Two grams of arginine daily can lower blood pressure by up to 20 points in one week, depending on the individual. (You should monitor the blood pressure carefully and check with your physician before changing any medicine). A dosage of 6 grams of arginine at bedtime allows nitrous oxide to be restored to artery lining walls.

Arginine also increases the output of growth hormone. Growth hormone is recognized as the most potent available therapy capable of reversing aging.

Impotence is a common problem in the developed world. This appears to be a consequence of constant exposure to xenoestrogens derived from petrochemicals which have potent estrogen-like activity. Additionally our food is often contaminated with estrogen given to cattle, chickens, and other meat producing animals to enhance their growth. Arginine administration leads to the release of nitric acid which may improve erections.

We recommend arginine because it often causes decreases in the size of arteriosclerotic plaques, lowers blood pressure in hypertensive individuals, improves sexual performance in many impotent males and increases the output of growth hormone.

We like arginine because of benefits in arteriosclerosis, hypertension, impotence and growth hormone release.

Take 6 grams of arginine at bedtime to start removal of arteriosclerotic plaques. Two grams three times daily lowers blood pressure. 1.5 grams of arginine forty five minutes before intercourse or 2 grams three times daily may improve potency.

Over long periods of therapy there is a good chance for opening of narrowed arteries. Improved blood pressure, better sexual performance, and enhanced growth hormone output may also occur.

Arginine has a wide variety of helpful attributes. It often safely lowers blood pressure, reduces the size of arterial plaques, assists in resolving impotence and increases the output of growth hormone, which has the ability to reverse aging. Remember to consult with your physician before changing any existing prescribed medications.

We feel the potential to reverse arterial narrowing is so important all persons with documented arteriosclerosis of the heart, neck, or leg arteries should strongly consider taking arginine permanently.

We recommend Nattokinase.

Improves blood flow by preventing clotting without danger of bleeding
Can dissolve clots in blood vessel walls
Helps patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
The human body contains a natural substance that dissolves clots (plasmin). Nattokinase is more effective than plasmin in dissolving clots. Furthermore the body’s ability to manufacture plasmin declines with aging. Another benefit of nattokinase is it’s prolonged action orally (8 to 12 hours) unlike some of the potent anticlotting drugs (t-PA and urokinase), which must be given intravenously in frequent doses.

Often patients suffer from poor blood flow to tissues secondary to an excessive clotting tendency (hyper-coagulation) of the blood. This decreased blood flow can appear because of aging, sedentary life style, inadequate amounts of antioxidants, lack of consumption of omega 3 fatty acids, toxins, and exposure to viruses, bacteria and fungi that thrive in low oxygen locations (fibrin deposits in vessel walls). Toxic wastes will build up in these tissues producing pain that may subside after NK therapy. These infected deposits in blood vessel walls may release infectious particles of bacteria into the blood as well as a steady flow of toxins. Use of NK therapy is helping persons with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia probably by improving blood flow into poorly oxygenated tissues.

Nattokinase appears to be an ideal therapy for persons suffering from arteriosclerosis. The enzymatic action of NK dissolves the fibrin deposits in blood vessel walls improving blood flow and decreasing the danger of a complete occlusion of the artery. This is accomplished without side effects or bleeding problems.

Nattokinase therapy is an effective way to dissolve blood clots and improve blood flow. We believe that many persons will avoid strokes, heart attacks, angina and gangrene with this therapy.

Take one tablet in the morning, one in the afternoon and two at bedtime. Do not use if you take coumadin as it contains vitamin K. Be sure to consult your physician if you take other blood thinning therapy (fish oil, ginkgo, Vitamin E, and garlic).

Expect slow steady improvement in your circulation over months.

We think nattokinase is an ideal safe therapy for anyone with vascular disease. It is far better to prevent a vascular occlusion than to become a victim who has had a stroke , heart attack or gangrene.

Individuals with risk factors for vascular disease (diabetes, cigarette smokers, abnormal cholesterol values, high homocysteine levels, elevated fibrinogen, increased C Reactive Protein, and hypertension) should consider permanent usage of nattokinase to preserve their arteries and to give narrowed arteries time to open up.

One third of the persons with narrowed arteries to the heart are discovered by the unfortunate event of sudden death. Many of these persons did not have any warning they were in danger of sudden death but nearly all had some of the above risk factors.

Nattokinase can be inexpensively made by instructions from

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Fish oil prevents heart attacks
Fish oil effectively lowers triglycerides
Pleasant taste with no mercury or pcb’s
Each capsule of Arctic Omega contains 180 mg. of EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)and 120 mg. of DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) in a lemon flavored formulation. The fish oils in Nordic Naturals product line are purified to eliminate PCB’s and heavy metals. Periodic testing has been arranged to ensure continued freedom from mercury and PCB’s. High intake of saturated and trans fatty acids, high intake of alcohol, diabetes, and some vitamin-deleted states are believed to contribute to difficulty converting alpha linolenic acid into EPA and DHA. Lack of EPA and DHA contributes to poor cell membrane function (diabetes) and lack of production of series 3 (beneficial) prostaglandins. The deficiency of these beneficial prostaglandins promotes inflammation, high blood pressure, impaired kidney function, allergic diseases (asthma) and increased platelet stickiness (blood clots).

Care has been taken to create a pleasant taste and eliminate a fishy aftertaste in Artic Omega fish oil. We think use of Arctic Omega will help prevent arterial disease, lower blood pressure, and help ward off blood clots.

High levels of triglycerides are a common health problem particularly in diabetic patients. Elevation of trigycerides is just as dangerous in causing arterial disease as are high cholesterol values. Fish oils have been proven to be valuable in lowering elevated triglycerides.

Arctic Omega fish oil will help prevent the development of arteriosclerosis, aid in keeping blood pressure normal and help prevent heart attacks.

Take 1 capsule of Arctic Omega twice daily. Do not use if you are allergic to iodine, using blood thinning medicine or anticipating surgery.

Expect your risk of heart attack to be lowered by fish oil. Fish oils are very effective in lowering triglyceride values.

We think that fish oil can be an effective way to maintain good health by improving blood lipids, decreasing the clotting tendency of blood, and keeping blood pressure lower. Any person with arterial narrowing (heart, brain, extremities) can benefit from fish oil, which will decrease the possibility of arterial blockage.