An effective immune system partially depends on having healthy bacteria (lactobacilli, disporidium etc.) in the intestinal tract. Many common conditions contribute to killing these valuable healthy bacteria. Courses of antibiotics, chlorine and fluoride in drinking water, use of non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, pesticides and chemical fertilizers, high sugar diet and absence of living good bacteria in ingested food all contribute to creating intestinal bacterial populations that are unhealthy. Most Americans have a reversal of the proper ratio of 85 % beneficial and 15 % bad bacteria. Many alternative health care practitioners attempt to correct this problem by supplying living good bacteria in capsules and unique delivery systems. The problem with this approach is that it is impossible to know if these bacteria are alive when taken. Research studies have revealed that these bacteria are often no longer alive or are in such low numbers it would be impossible for them to be of value.

Russia has experienced several environmental catastrophies (accidental release of anthrax bacilli from a bio-warfare facility in Sverdlosk, Chernobyl nuclear facility meltdown). These unfortunate events led to an intensive search for a method to reestablish immune function in persons suffering serious immune injury. Research at the State Scientific Research Institute of Highly Pure Bio-preparations in St. Petersburg program screened more than 600 substances for immune stimulating activity. A lactobacillus rhamnose of raw milk from a farm near St. Petersburg was found to be the most effective of all screened substances. Previously European research had proven that fragments of certain bacterial cell walls were actually more effective in stimulating immune health than were living bacterial cells. This bacterial cell wall fragment was successfully used to treat the immune injury found in numerous patients with malignancies that developed in the Chernobyl region following radioactivity release. Lactobacillus rhamnose is widely used in the preparation of yogurt and cheese.

We Recommend Del Immune V. | Click here to view product details >>

Strengthens and repairs the immune system. Valuable therapy for cancer, infections, allergic diseases, auto-immune disorders, gastrointestinal symptoms, non-healing fractures, radiation injury. No side effects seen after many years of use

All patients with malignancies have disordered immune systems. We normally kill multitudes of cancer cells daily. When a malignancy is diagnosed our immune system has failed. A 47 year old woman developed abdominal swelling due to cancer of the ovary. Del Immune V was started one month before abdominal surgery. The pathology report disclosed invasion of her tumor into fat tissue and lymph channels. Her blood marker for ovarian cancer returned to normal on DIV therapy and she remains well two years later. Patients with malignancies should have an improved chance to survive if their immune system becomes healed.

Patients with auto-immune illnesses have overactive immune responses causing the body to attack its own tissues (systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, Addison’s Disease, auto-immune hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, Type 1 diabetes, psoriasis, Sjogren’s Disease and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis). The overactive immune responses become modulated to normal with DIV.

Recurring and chronic infections can be helped with DIV. This includes bronchitis, sinusitis, colds, pneumonia, hepatitis ABC, osteomyelitis, tuberculosis, HIV, bronchiectasis, and cystic fibrosis. Approximately 50 % of 50 patients with hepatitis C have recovered with DIV therapy. The other 50 % have been relieved of brain fog and feel better although they still have abnormal liver function and persisting evidence of viral load in blood specimens.

Many persons with fatigue (fibromyalgia, hepatitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, malignancies) have noted improved energy after starting DIV.

Persons with allergic disorders such as asthma, hay fever, anaphylaxis, urticaria, alveolitis and glomerulonephritis may notice decreasing symptoms on DIV therapy.

Individuals with gastrointestinal symptoms (gas, heartburn, cramping pain, belching, diarrhea, constipation) can see their symptoms subside on DIV therapy.

Non-healing fractures have healed with DIV.

Many persons with a wide variety of illnesses have improved or recovered taking DIV therapy. DIV begins to work within 6 hours

The dosage of DIV should be based on severity of illness. Persons with cancer and Hepatitis C should take 3 or 4 capsules twice daily. Less serious health problems may do well with one capsule twice daily.

Persons with malignancies, allergic disorders, infections, gastrointestinal problems, severe fatigue, non-healing fractures and auto-immune diseases can be helped by the improved immune system produced by DIV therapy.

Del Immune V represents a major advance in therapy of immune disorders. Because it’s activity is not dependent on living bacteria it has uniform effectiveness and does not require refrigeration. No side effects have been observed over long periods of therapy in high dosage. DIV is effective in regulating the overactivity seen in auto-immune diseases as well as correcting the lack of satisfactory immune responses seen in malignant diseases and HIV infections.

Survival rates for cancer are not much better than they were 25 years ago. The reason for this may lie in using chemotherapy and radiation as the primary means of therapy. Both chemotherapy and radiation damage the immune system. Certainly surgery when a cancer is localized is an effective therapy. Since cancer is probably caused by a failure of the immune system to detect and destroy a cell that has become malignant, it is easy to understand why methods of therapy that injure the immune system are not leading to improved survival.

There is no guaranteed cure for cancer. We do not offer quick “cancer cures.”
However, we do strongly believe there are proven ways to reduce the chance of cancer developing and to alleviate it, and in some cases, cause it to go into remission. We believe that efforts to heal the immune system will be more likely to lead to a cure than developing new chemotherapy agents. Is there any evidence that this approach could work?

Yes. There is a multitude of data to support such an approach. Researchers at the University of British Columbia discovered that 87 % of 200 persons who had undergone a spontaneous remission of cancer had made a change in diet, usually toward a vegetarian diet. High intake of saturated fat is believed to be a risk factor for the development of cancer of the breast, lung, colon, prostate and lymphomas. This being so, a change of diet could have beneficial results in some cases.

Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Otto Warburg, discovered that he could produce cancer almost at will by lowering the oxygen level of tissues by 35 %. Tissues with low oxygen content are acidotic and raising the ph with alkalinizing therapy greatly increases the oxygen content of the tissue causing cancer to disappear.

Before recommending therapies for malignancies some basic concepts about cancer treatments need to be discussed. The theory behind chemotherapy drugs is that the drug kills rapidly multiplying cancer cells and has a greater damaging effect on these malignant cells than it does on normal body cells that are reproducing at a slower rate. A problem arises in that some of the body’s cells (bone marrow, gastrointestinal cells, and skin cells) are also reproducing at rapid rates and these cells are prone to being injured by chemotherapy drugs. Side effects from such potent drugs are inevitable.

An unfortunate problem that has appeared after using chemotherapy drugs is the later appearance of new malignancies resulting from having taken chemotherapy. The subsequent increased risk of developing a new malignancy may only be 10 or 15 % but this does need to be considered by persons contemplating chemotherapy.

We think that the results of trying natural therapies for malignancies before using chemotherapy are certain to be better than using chemotherapy first because there are several cases of persons who were improving with a natural therapy who died shortly after being persuaded to have one more chemotherapy injection. The bone marrow is critical in fighting malignancy and chemotherapy drugs do injure the bone marrow.

The treatments we will recommend for treating malignant disease all have exhibited beneficial effects in patients when taken individually. Measures to improve general health (diet changes including the elimination of white sugar, white flour, and white rice, take vitamin, mineral and nutrient supplements, quit smoking, drinking alcohol and use of recreational drugs, and make efforts to resolve emotional problems.) are very important.

One month should be an adequate time to ascertain whether weight stabilization or gain, improving appetite and general well being are developing. If not forthcoming a different therapy is needed.

We Recommend TOA Free Cat’s Claw (Samento) | Click here to view product details >> and Noni Concentrate | Click here to view product details >>

A substantial amount of evidence exists that at least 50 % of chronic illnesses are associated with infection by stealth (hidden) organisms including borrelia burgdorfi, mycoplasma fermentens, fungi, yeast, and anerobic bacteria. In a group of 31 patients with chronic fatigue syndrome 28 patients or 90.3 % were found to actually have Lyme Disease caused by the spirochete borrelia burgdorfi . Effective therapy that eradicates these stealth organisms TOA free cat’s claw (Samento) has been associated with recovery from serious illness mimicked by hidden infections. Conventional cat’s claw contains Tetracyclic Oxindole Alkaloids TOA that block the beneficial effects of the good alkaloids in cat’s claw. Among the diseases where these stealth organisms have been found are Lyme Disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, osteoarthritis, mixed connective tissue disease, polymyalgia rheumatica, ankylosing spondylitis, lupus erythematosus, cancer, numerous neurologic conditions and every psychiatric disorder found in the Psychiatric Diagnostic Symptoms Manual IV. Many patients with these diseases have made dramatic recoveries when treated with the tetracyclic oxindole alkaloid TOA free form of cat’s claw (Samento).

This above info rmation prompted a clinical study of cancer patients in Germany who were treated with Samento and a unique concentrate of Noni fruit. Dr. Alan Baklayan, in Munich , Germany treated 20 patients with malignancies using Samento (Tetracyclic Oxindole Alkaloids TOA free cat’s claw) and Noni concentrate in the spring of 2004. Among the malignancies treated were cases of breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, brain malignancies, liver cancer, bone cancer, lymphoma and leukemia.

.Using homeopathic techniques patients who were identified to have intracellular organisms were given Samento 5 drops in a glass of distilled water .three times daily. Patients who had fungal infections or other infections were started on Noni concentrate 5 drops in distilled water three times daily Of 20 patients who started on Samento 14 were improved in 7 days (weight gain, improved appetite, sense of well being) The other 6 patients continued to take Samento and began taking Noni 5 drops three times daily in distilled water Within 7 days these six patients were clearly improving Some of the patients had received chemotherapy before starting Samento and others were actually receiving chemotherapy while taking Samento and Noni concentrate.

Live pathogenic organisms (Borrelia, mycoplasma, fungi etc.) are found in muscle, tendon, nerve, blood and other tissue cells. When these cells die these living pathogenic organisms are released and are free to travel through the blood stream to set up residence in new cells. Continuing the Samento therapy for 9 to 12 months ensures that none of these migrating organisms are able to survive.

For patients who do not have access to this homeopathic technology we think starting with Samento and adding Noni makes sense when there is no response to Samento .

Noni has been carefully studied by Japanese researchers who found an anthraquinone compound called damnacanthal in noni that was the most active extract of 500 extracts tested against the K-ras-NRK cell, a precursor to several cancers. Noni seemed to act directly on host macrophages and lymphocytes to counteract cancer cells. Numerous persons have recovered from malignancies taking noni fruit. Certainly the results using a potent concentrate should be even more impressive.

The TOA free cat’s claw ( Samento ) and Noni Concentrateare are far more effective than the typical cat’s claw herb and juice of Noni found in health food stores. The Noni concentrate of one ounce is the residual of 7 liters of Noni fruit fluid and the Samento is much more effective than herbal cat’s claw because of the removal of the interfering alkaloid (TOA) While the number of cancer patients treated with Samento and Noni is small the 100 % response rate is very encouraging.

We think there is a good chance for a favorable response in treating cancer using Samento and Noni concentrate.

The dosage of Samento is 5 drops in distilled water three times daily on an empty stomach. If there is no response (improved strength, appetite, weight gain, and sense of well being) in 7 days add Noni therapy. Patients using both substances should wait 15 minutes after Samento before taking Noni.

There seems to be a good possibility for remission of cancer symptoms and recovery with Samento and Noni. Both therapies are quite safe.

The occurrence of aching, headache and malaise in some patients taking Samento represents a Herxheimer Reaction or problem with detoxifying large amounts of dead cancer cells and pathogenic organisms. The dose of Samento can be temporarily reduced or the Samento can be stopped until the symptoms have disappeared. This is not an unfavorable reaction to Samento and therapy can be safely resumed when the symptoms have subsided. The liver plays a key role in detoxification in the body. Adding the herb milk thistle from a health food store to the therapy three times daily should improve the liver’s ability to handle toxic breakdown substances.

Because of the small numbers it is impossible to know what percentage of a larger group of cancer patients will be helped and which type of malignancies will respond better than others. This report from Munich suggests that stealth organisms may be playing a very significant role in causing cancer.

Currently it is generally accepted that all persons are continuously killing cancer cells on a daily basis as long as their immune system functions correctly. Only when immune surveillance for cancer cells fails does a cancer present for diagnosis. Several authorities have suggested that taking a safe cancer killing substance on a regular basis (a month every 6 to 12 months) might kill surviving cancer cells that were escaping the immune system and prevent early cancers from becoming a problem. Noni would appear to be ideal in this role as it is completely safe and not expensive.

Noni fruit is known to be effective in also treating pain, hypertension, allergies, skin diseases, diabetes, gout, digestive disorders, infections, injuries, lung diseases, high cholesterol, and drug and nicotine abuse. The noni concentrate, according to Dr. Lee Cowden of Dallas , Texas , taken 25 drops every 30 minutes for 3 to 4 hours successfully treats influenza. The same dose for 2 hours effectively treats colds. In this era of man made infectious organisms (HIV, borrelia burgdorfi, SARS, Ebola, West Nile Virus etc.) it is prudent to have a potent agent like noni concentrate in your home available as there is a real possibility Noni could resolve other infectious problems.

We believe that Samento and Noni concentrate are going to be strong allies in the war against cancer. Samento has proven to be quite valuable in killing stealth pathogens and Noni has a multitude of beneficial uses as a fruit which will be greatly enhanced as a concentrate devoid of the unpleasant odor and taste of the fruit. The favorable response of patients with lymphomas and leukemia is very encouraging as these are often hard to treat.

We Recommend Co Q 10 Therapy For Malignancies |

CoQ 10 is a nutrient found in every cell in the body. Inside the cell CoQ 10 acts on the mitochondria to increase the output of energy. This has profound benefits throughout the body. Persons with congestive heart failure and hypertension experience lowering of blood pressure and improved heart function causing clearing of heart failure. Individuals with muscular dystrophy notice that CoQ 10 improves the strength and performance of the afflicted muscles and heart. This leads to improved life expectancy for these individuals.

Dr. Karl Folkers was a brilliant biochemist who initially worked for Merck where he discovered Vitamin B 12 which cured pernicious anemia. In his research he became very enthusiastic about CoQ 10. When employed as a professor of biochemistry at the University of Texas he persuaded a cardiologist, Dr. Peter Langsjoen, to use CoQ 10 for heart failure with spectacular results. Several of these elderly patients who also had various types of cancers recovered from cancer including one elderly male with an inoperable stomach cancer. One year later this man was alive and scanning studies revealed no evidence of his stomach tumor.

One of Dr. Folkers financial backers, came to him with the news that he had developed small cell cancer of the lung which had spread throughout his body. His oncologist told him he had less than one year to live. Dr. Folkers encouraged him to try CoQ 10 pointing out that it was safe and that it might help. Fifteen years later he was alive and free of any sign of cancer. The only therapy he received was CoQ 10.

In 1980 Dr. Folkers funded a trial of CoQ 10 for breast cancer conducted by Dr. Kund Lockwood in Denmark . Dr. Lockwood treated 2 patients with breast cancer one with 300 mg. daily and the other with 360 mg. daily. Both recovered. Complete regression of breast cancer has been observed with 400 mg. of CoQ 10 during clinical studies. The pancreas is known to contain high levels of CoQ 10. Providing cancer patients with this amount of CoQ 10 may improve pancreatic function and could thus facilitate recovery in cancer victims suffering from impaired pancreatic function. Pancreatic enzymes appear to be important in promoting recovery from malignancies.

Dr. William Judy of Bradenton , Fl. received funding from Dr. Folkers to treat prostate cancer. Dr. Judy located 30 patients with prostate cancer who had ceased responding to hormone manipulations. All 30 were given 500 mg. of CoQ 10 daily. Fourteen of the 15 who had no spread (metastases) to bone or lung proceeded to have their PSA values return to normal associated with improvement. Of the 15 who did have metastases to lung or bone when they started CoQ 10 eight saw their PSA values return to normal suggesting improvement. Dr. Judy then treated 6 patients with prostate cancer and elevated PSA values with 500 mg.CoQ 10 daily and all 6 had their elevated PSA values return to normal after 120 days of therapy.

Patients with cancer who take CoQ 10 have a good possibility of improving with this therapy which is quite safe.

Dr. Folkers recommended taking 500 mg. of CoQ 10 daily in divided doses before meals. Absorption of CoQ is best in meals containing fat. Use of a teaspoon of unrefined coconut oil or melted butter will work in meals having little fat.

Many persons with different cancers have recovered using CoQ 10.

CoQ 10 is a safe therapy for cancer which has helped numerous cancer patients. This therapy is simple to follow and quite safe. The recovery of inoperable patients and patients whose tumors had spread to other parts of the body is quite encouraging as these patients are not helped by chemotherapy.

We Recommend Noni Concentrate | Click here to view product details >>

Very active against a known cancer cell precursor
Effective therapy for infections. diabetes, gout, lung diseases
Good therapy for addiction to drugs and alcohol
Noni is a fruit that grows well in tropical climates. Japanese researchers determined that an anthraquinone compound, found in Noni, called damnacanthal was the most active extract of 500 extracts tested against the k-ras-NHK cell a known precursor to several cancers.

Case Reports

A breast cancer patient in France refused surgery and was placed on xeronine extract (an alkaloid found in Noni) three times daily. The patient made a complete recovery.

A woman in Tahiti with cancer was given only weeks to live. A Tahitian friend urged her to try Noni, which she did resulting in the recovery of good health.

A thirty five year old Canadian female was seen by her physician for a large upper abdominal mass in the stomach. She decided to try Noni before having exploratory surgery. Shortly after starting Noni she began to vomit pieces of tissue. After one month her physician confirmed the disappearance of the abdominal mass and no evidence of malignancy on a scan study. She can not be considered cured but the disappearance of a large tumor mass is quite encouraging.

We like Noni for therapy of malignancies because it has been proven to affect a cancer precursor cell (k-ras-NRK) and is known to have helped some persons with cancer.

Take 5 drops of Noni Concentrate three times daily in a glass of distilled water. With improvement (better appetite, sense of well being, improved energy) this dose should be continued for 9 to 12 months.

You should begin to notice improved appetite, stabilization or weight gain, and return of well being after several weeks of therapy.

The tropical fruit Noni has benefited persons with a wide variety of medical conditions including infections, pain, addictions to drugs and tobacco, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, gout, digestive disorders, injuries, lung diseases, elevated cholesterol values, and malignancies.

A one month trial should be adequate to ascertain whether improvement is likely to occur. Improving appetite, weight gain, and a sense of well being with improving strength would be indicators that improvement is taking place. Noni is quite safe.

We recommend Coral Calcium. | Click here to view product details >>

Greatly increases absorption of calcium, magnesium, potassium.
Corrects acidosis which helps prevent the development of arthritis, allergies, arteriosclerosis and malignancies.
Coral calcium is derived from Okinawa which was created by volcanic action. This addition of volcanic soil to the coral greatly increases the presence of trace minerals. Serious depletion of soil minerals has occurred throughout the world but is worst in North America. The farmers’ financial struggles do not encourage the use of trace mineral supplements in the soil. Trace minerals play a vital role in the production and function of enzymes. The lack of dietary trace minerals produces poor enzyme function in the body.

In the testimonial section of Robert Barefoot’s book Death by Diet. When living coral polyps ingest minerals inorganic poorly absorbed calcium and magnesium, these two minerals become converted to organic calcium and magnesium which is readily absorbed. Nobel prize winner, Dr. Otto Warburg, discovered that lowering oxygen levels by 35 % in tissues facilitated the appearance of cancer almost at will. The alkalinizing of tissues with coral calcium raises oxygen levels impairing the survival of malignant cells.

We think that coral calcium has substantial merit in preventing diseases by preserving a normal body ph. Avoiding illnesses in this manner should clearly enable many persons to lengthen their life spans.

Patients with malignancies may be helped by alkalinizing their bodies.

Take 3 capsules at bedtime. Be sure to spend one hour in the sun without sunscreens or sunglasses daily. Consider raising saliva ph to near 7.4 with up to 3 capsules of CC three times daily.

Your physician may be able to detect improvement in a few weeks.

Because flaxseed contains lignans that prevent cancer, considerable fiber and all aminoacids we have elected to use ground vacuum packed and whole flaxseeds instead of flax oil in our fulfillment house. Taking 4 tablespoons of ground flaxseed will supply 2 tablespoons of flax oil. This will be placed under comments in the flax oil section.

Our coral calcium product has been independently verified to contain the certified amount of calcium and magnesium. We think that the vastly improved absorption of calcium from coral calcium relates to the living coral polyp’s ability to convert the inorganic calcium and magnesium to an organic form.

The person using coral calcium is alkalinizing their body. This raises the ph and increases the oxygen content of tissues. The rising oxygen levels makes it difficult for malignant cells to survive. We think that taking 6 or 9 capsules of coral calcium daily may be a good idea as the person who returns their ph to 7.4 or close to that value should have an improved chance of killing their cancer cells and thus recovering. For this reason persons choosing Flax oil, MGN 3, Essiac, Noni or some other alternative therapy for malignancy may wish to add coral calcium to their program.

How To Recover From Cancer
Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Otto Warburg, discovered that he could produce cancer almost at will by lowering the oxygen level of tissues by 35 %. Tissues with low oxygen content are acidotic and raising the ph with alkalinizing therapy greatly increases the oxygen content of the tissue causing cancer to disappear. As we age our ability to keep our tissues well oxygenated gradually fails making the appearance of a malignancy more likely.

Living coral polyps absorb minerals (calcium, magnesium). Digestion by the living polyp converts these minerals from an inorganic poorly absorbed form to an organic readily absorbed form. When a real coral product is taken the absorption of these alkaline minerals raises the ph and increases the oxygen content of tissues. The rising oxygen levels in tissues containing cancer cells makes it difficult for these malignant cells to survive. We think that taking 3 to 9 capsules of coral calcium daily is a good idea as the person who returns their saliva ph to 7.4 or close to that value should have an improved chance of killing their cancer cells and thus recovering. For this reason persons choosing Noni and TOA free Cat’s Claw, CoQ 10, cesium, artemisin, carnivora, graviola or some other alternative therapy for malignancy may wish to add coral calcium or another alkalinizing therapy to their program.

Specific Measures To Increase Your Chance For Survival From Malignancies:

Avoid chemotherapy and radiation as these therapies injure the immune system and impair your chances of recovery.

· Eat only organic produce. Initially subsist on fruit and vegetables until it is clear you are improving (better appetite and strength with weight gain). These can be juiced or raw but should not be cooked because cooking destroys the food enzymes. Have 3 glasses of carrot juice daily. Cold salads with flax oil and Bragg’s raw apple cider vinegar are delicious. When you add cooked food (fish, grazed beef without hormones, chicken free of hormones), be sure to cook with virgin olive oil, unrefined coconut oil or butter. Eat no white bread, white rice, or white sugar. Our immune phagocytic cells are unable to kill tumor cells or bacteria for 8 hours after sugar is eaten . Avoid all processed food from supermarkets by eating only organic food that will spoil. Eating only vegetables and fruit initially contributes to alkalinizing the body.

Drink only filtered water so you do not have the problems of petrochemical residue, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals in drinking water hindering your effort to recover.

Exercise regularly as this improves oxygenation of the body. Walking is fine (1 ½ miles daily) at least 6 days weekly.

Eliminate stress from your life. Many authorities think that stress plays a major role in initiating cancer. When we are stressed our adrenal glands steadily secrete large amounts of cortisone. Persons who endure prolonged stress develop a state of immunosuppression where the body’s immune system becomes less able to kill tumor cells. Prolonged damage to the immune system actually leads to death of nerve cells. Vietnam veterans have been found to have 8 to 15 % atrophy of their hippocampus the part of the brain involved in memory.

Be sure you are taking a good multivitamin, mineral and nutrient supplement. You need 200 mcg. of selenium, at least 2 grams of vitamin C with bioflavinoids, Vitamin D 800 or more units daily, zinc, copper, B complex including 100 mg. of pyridoxine B6 which helps protect the body from sugar excesses, vitamin E 400 units, lycopene, carotene, magnesium, boron, manganese, etc.

Take Vitalzyme a product containing several enzymes including serrapeptidase which is yielding good results in research around the world. Many cancers are able to survive because they contain a fibrin coat up to 15 times normal that shields cancer cells from killer lymphocytes and immune surveillance. This fibrin mesh will slowly become dissolved with Vitalzyme . Begin with 10 capsules three times or four times daily. One woman recovered from an incurable brain tumor taking only Vitalzyme. A physician recovered from a malignancy which had failed to respond to many therapies by taking only high doses of Vitalzyme. In three months no sign of tumor could be found in his body.

Give your immune system a break. You must terminate alcohol, cigarettes, and recreational drugs as all three of these damage the immune system making recovery less likely.

Strongly consider raising your saliva ph close to 7.4 with coral calcium or some other alkalinizing substance as this makes it difficult for cancer cells to survive.

All persons in developed nations are exposed to toxic substances on a daily basis (heavy metals fluoride, mercury from amalgams, aluminum, cadmium from cigarette smoke, excess estrogen from hydrocarbons in the air, plastics, pesticides, herbicides, dioxins, and hormones used in animals to increase growth rate, transfats from processed food, margarine, salad oils, cooking oils, etc.
These toxic substances can be ameliorated by oral chelation. with essential Daily Defense or NDF which uses nanonized chlorella and nutrients to chelate metals and remove toxic substances. The removal of metals [1] by chelation from sites where they are stored underneath the endothelium (lining) of the arterioles greatly improves oxygenation and general health. A good oral chelator, Essential Daily Defense, can be obtained from Longevity Plus, Payson, Az. www.longevity 800-580-7587 and from 1-800-416-2806. NDF is available from BioRay Inc. Los Angeles, Ca. 1-310-473-1813

· Get up to an hour of sunlight daily without sunscreens or sun glasses. This will help restore ultraviolet light, a critical nutrient, to the body and thus raise vitamin D levels so more alkaline minerals are absorbed. If you live where sunlight is weak take 800 to 1200 units of Vitamin D daily.

· Be sure you are taking flaxseed or oil, fish oil or perilla oil as 90 % of persons are seriously depleted of omega 3 fatty acids which are absent from processed foods. When we lack omega 3 fatty acids our bodies are forced to use synthetic transfats to build the membranes that surround each cell. This forced use of the wrong oils creates flawed cell membranes leading to Type 2 diabetes, arteriosclerosis, obesity and malignancies.

· We like Samento, Noni Concentrate, and CoQ 10 for malignancies because they are simple, safe, and relatively inexpensive. All three of these treatments can be carried out without requiring much medical supervision.

[1] Aenold J Clean out your arteries—at home, without a needle, and at a fraction of the cost. Health Sciences Institute Members Alert August 2003 pg 1-4