Diabetes Mellitus is an illness that is increasing in frequency at an alarming rate. There is evidence that some diabetics have an autoimmune illness and there is clearly a genetic tendency to contract the disease in some families.

Diabetes causes serious complications including blindness, severe kidney damage with uremia, painful neuritis with weakness of the involved muscles, premature aging of the arteries with heart attacks, strokes, and gangrene.

There are two types of diabetic patients. The Type 1 patients have a serious lack of insulin and must take insulin to avoid progressing into diabetic coma.

The Type 2 diabetic is much more common. These persons produce enough insulin to stay out of diabetic coma but have abnormally high glucose values. These patients are often obese and many have evidence of high blood sugar values despite large amounts of insulin (insulin resistance).

Ninety percent of Type 2 diabetics can regain normal blood sugar control by restricting total fat intake to twenty-five percent or less of total calories, eliminating all synthetic trans fats, which means avoiding nearly all processed food, and correcting the Omega 3 fatty acid deficiency that ninety percent of U.S. citizens have by taking two tablespoons of flax oil daily.

There is a strong possibility that much of the Type 1 diabetes in children is caused by vaccines. Dr. John Classen has published 29 articles on vaccine-induced Type 1 diabetes. He feels that 8 out of 10 children with Type 1 diabetes have the illness because of vaccines. The number of “compulsory” vaccines given to U.S. children has gone from 10 to 25 in the past 25 years.

Vaccination results in thepersisting of live virus or other foreign antigens within the cells of the body, a situation that may provoke autoimmune reactions as the body attempts to destroy its own infected abnormal cells. The resulting illness relates to the site where the injured cells are located. Thus infected brain cells may lead to autism, injured bronchial cells lead to asthma, and the destruction of injured pancreatic cells can be followed by diabetes.

Dr. Classen has shown that in Finland, the introduction of Hemophilus Type B vaccine caused three times as many cases of Type 1 diabetes as the number of deaths and brain damage from the Hemophilus Influenza Type B that it prevented. Diabetes is a serious illness, which shortens life expectancy by 10 to 15 years and results in a life that requires constant medical care.

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Helps Reverse Autoimmune Illnesses
Could Be Beneficial In Some Cases of Type 1 Diabetes
No Known Side Effects
Blood Sugar Levels Should Be Monitored
Thymic Extract contains an extract of the thymus gland (a key component of the immune system) plus a complete group of vitamins, minerals, herbs, nutrients, enzymes, and whole food extracts. By 1998, Thymic Extract (TE) had arrested 84 cases of Hepatitis B, 34 cases of Hepatitis C, 28 cases of rheumatoid arthritis, 12 cases of systemic lupus erythematosus, 10 cases of multiple sclerosis and 12 cases of psoriasis.

All these illnesses appear to be autoimmune illnesses in which the body in an uncontrolled manner destroys its own tissues. When given a vaccine, some of the virus particles and/or other foreign antigens end up within the cells of the body. The body recognizes these cells as foreign and proceeds to destroy them, creating an autoimmune disease in the islet cells of the pancreas (diabetes), epithelium lining the lung (asthma), or brain tissue causing autistic behavior, etc.

Because of Thymic Extract’s proven ability to reverse autoimmune illnesses, we think there is a real possibility that TE could help the children with Type 1 diabetes.

Thymic extract has been very beneficial in the treatment of some autoimmune diseases.
Take 2 pills three times daily. Small children may take 2 to 3 pills daily.
We would suggest trying Thymic Extract for at least two to three months. A physician’s monitoring will be needed as improvement in diabetic status could lead to the need to cut insulin dosage and or diabetic pills.

Type 1 diabetes appears to be related to and possibly caused by vaccine administration. The vaccine injury appears to be an autoimmune type problem. The trial of Thymic Extract, which has helped patients with various autoimmune disorders, seems to be a reasonable approach to a very serious problem. A two to three month trial should be adequate to see if improving blood sugar values are appearing. TE is quite safe.

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Low Daily Dose Could Help Prevent Diabetic Complications
Powerful Water and Fat Soluble Anti-oxidant
Reverses some diabetic eye and nerve damage
Alpha lipoic acid is a powerful anti-oxidant, which has been used to treat diabetes for 30 years in Germany. Recent investigations in Germany have suggested that high dosages of ALA are able to reverse some of the complications of diabetes (neuritis and retinitis). These studies have shown sprouting of new nerve fibers associated with resolution of pain in some diabetics given high doses of ALA (600 to 1800 mg daily). Decrease in pain may begin after three weeks therapy.

ALA helps diabetics in these ways:

It increases the ability of insulin to burn up glucose. ALA decreases insulin resistance. Most type 2 diabetics have marked resistance to the blood sugar lowering of insulin. Improvement in this problem is very beneficial in improving diabetic control.

ALA increases the production of ATP. Reversing the damage to nerves and eyes is possible in some diabetics given high doses of ALA.

We recommend ALA for use in diabetes to improve diabetic control and possibly reverse complications of diabetes when taken in high doses. Small dosage of ALA may also prevent diabetics from developing complications. Consult your physician before changing treatment.

We like ALA because it can reverse diabetic complications. We feel it may have an important role to play in preventing complications when used in low dosage daily.
Take 200 mg three times daily if you have neuritis or eye damage from diabetes. Doses as high as 1800 mg. have been used. To prevent complications, a dose of 100 mg. daily may be helpful.
If an ALA treatment can reverse complications, taking a lower dose of the ALA might keep a diabetic from developing complications.

Because ALA can lower blood sugar values, it is important that your physician monitor dosages of diabetic pills and insulin when taking ALA.

Since the neuritis of diabetes can be reversed in some patients, it would be reasonable to try ALA in any neuritis caused by alcohol or unknown etiology as it might help. In diabetics decrease in neuritic pain was noted as soon as three weeks in some patients.