Drug addiction causes enormous damage to society in divorce, parental neglect of children, accidents, and health related disability from infections, overdosages, hepatitis, HIV and malnutrition. Generally recovery from drug addiction is not possible until the individual recognizes that he has a problem which is beyond his or her control. At this stage the 12-step Bible based program of Narcotics Anonymous can be helpful. The intensive treatment program of Teen Challenge removes the addict from the drug users’ environment. This program fosters responsible behavior and recovery often occurs in those individuals who are willing to cooperate through the complete program.

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Noni is a Polynesian fruit that contains an alkaloid called proxeronine that becomes converted to xeronine in the body. This alkaloid has proven valuable in treating cancer, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, gout, digestive disorders, infections, injuries, lung disease, pain, stress, high cholesterol, and drug and tobacco abuse.

When Noni is taken for a few days by a drug addict, the proteins in the brain are changed creating new receptor sites that respond to Noni instead of drugs. Dr. Ralph Heineke, who did key research on Noni, states that “xeronine is by far the best treatment for reversing hard core drug addiction”.

Noni has been successful in treating drug addiction in a safe manner.

Take two ounces of Noni twice daily for four or five days which should provide an adequate time for reprogramming the brain’s receptors.

Expect disappearance of the cravings for drugs without any uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Noni is a safe, effective way to treat drug addiction. The patient is converted from a person desperate for drugs to a person who no longer needs drugs. Spiritual renewal may be helpful in making this conversion permanent.