Emphysema is a disease in which lung air sacs are gradually destroyed. These air sacs become overdistended and this interferes with efficient moving of air. Over time shortness of breath appears, which slowly worsens. The involved patients may complain of wheezing and cough. The most important etiologic factor is cigarette smoking, but exposure to industrial pollution can aggravate the problem. Some patients with emphysema have sputum production. These persons can benefit from antibiotics when their sputum is infected. The course of emphysema is gradual progression of shortness of breath with loss of ability to properly oxygenate the blood. There is no pharmaceutical therapy that improves the disease or prolongs life.

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Cetyl myristolate (CM) was discovered by Dr. Harry Diehl at the NIH. This substance is a fatty acid present in Swiss albino mice. These animals failed to develop arthritis when exposed to Freund’s adjuvant and it was the CM that protected them.

Because of moderately severe osteoarthritis, Dr. Diehl decided to try CM. In a few weeks his arthritis was gone and so was his chronic bronchitis.

Subsequent research disclosed that CM was marvelous for all sorts of arthritic problems, but also stopped the progression of emphysema. In fact, emphysema patients often had significant improvement in their breathing. The progression of emphysema was stopped. The fascinating thing about CM is that often the improvement in various disease processes not only stops but further use of CM is unnecessary after 30 days of therapy in many patients.

Cetyl myristolate has been found to be effective in emphysema, even accomplishing improved breathing for many patients.

Take 2 pills three times daily for 30 days.

Expect your breathing to improve.

The progressive course of emphysema is stopped, with some patients actually experiencing improved breathing. Most patients do not need to remain on the substance. CM also helps ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s Disease, improves memory with increased energy, lowers blood pressure and helps some diabetics decrease insulin dosage.

Patients with emphysema are often helped by intravenous hydrogen perocide and intravenous infusions of glutothione.