Many elderly persons are troubled by farsighted vision as they age.

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Clears eye infections
Resolves farsighted vision
Eye Blend contains a proprietary blend of herbs that was initially used to clear eye infections. One of the herbs is jasmine. Subsequently, patients returned relating that they were no longer farsighted and had been able to give up wearing glasses. Dr. Marcial-Vega believes that this herbal blend may be opening up the drainage canals for the eye that have become partially occluded over many years.

Eye Blend has proven effective in clearing eye infections. Many patients seem to note the disappearance of hyperopia (far sighted vision) after taking this preparation.

One drop of Eye Blend is applied to the upper and lower eyelid of each eye at bedtime. Generally a few days are needed for the vision to return to normal.

Eye Blend is a very effective therapy for eye infections. Many persons experience the disappearance of hyperopia (far sightedness) after a few days use.

Eye Blend has become a valuable therapy for eye infections. An unexpected benefit from this therapy has been the disappearance of far sighted vision in many individuals. We think many persons with hyperopia will want to try Eye Blend. This therapy is safe.