Modern farm practices have led to the loss of 85 % of soil mineral content in North America. Chemical fertilizers used instead of manure have caused the protein content of vegetables to decrease. Earthworms have been killed by pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This decreases the porosity of the soil resulting in erosion and causes disappearance of the nutritious excreta from worms. Trace minerals are not being replaced. These trace minerals are present in all enzymes and their decline in our food leads to impaired enzymatic function in the body.

Genetically modified foods (GMO) have been foisted onto the American public without any effort to establish whether they are safe. World famous geneticist Dr. Mae-Wan Ho states that the insertion of foreign genes into the host gene pool has long been known to have many harmful effects including cancer in the recipient organism.

In the U.S. about 50 % of corn is now GMO and 55 % of soybeans are GMO. There are no labeling laws so the consumer is unknowingly eating GMO foods. Widely used fructose and corn syrup are certainly contaminated by GMO corn.

Calgene has a Flave Savr tomato that blocks the gene that causes food to rot. When scientists fed rodents these GMO tomatoes they refused to eat them. Other farmers report that deer and raccoons will walk through a field of GMO corn to reach a field of conventional corn, which they continue to eat.

The GMO soybean created by Monsanto contains genes from a virus, soil bacteria, and a petunia plant, none of which had previously been eaten by humans. These gene additions made the plant resistant to the herbicide glyphosphate which can now be sprayed on fields in larger quantities than previously were safe to use. Of course humans are now eating more glyphosphate than previously. Several observers feel that GMO foods are causing allergic reactions.

Gene pollution lasts for an eternity. In 1994 a genetically engineered bacteria developed to aid in the production of ethanol produced residues that caused the soil to become infertile. New crops planted at this site grew to three inches and then toppled over dead.
Because pollen from GMO crops blow into other fields it will become harder to grow organic food in the future.