Diseased gums account for 70 % of lost teeth. Approximately 30 million Americans have lost all their natural teeth. The spread of bacteria from diseased gums via the blood stream has long been known to account for a high percentage of heart valve infections (bacterial endocarditis).
Recent advances in cardiology have revealed that blood tests indicative of an inflammatory reaction in the body (elevated sed rate, elevation of the C reactive protein, etc.) are a valuable predictor of impending heart attack. Dr. Robert Genko, editor of the American Academy of Periodontal Journal, claims that persons with gingival disease are 27 times more likely to suffer a heart attack than are persons with healthy gums. An American Heart Association paper disclosed that 85 % of heart attack victims had gum disease compared to 29 % of healthy similar patients.

Narrowing of the carotid arteries in the neck was 50 % greater in elderly patients with gum disease when compared to similar patients without gum disease. The cause for this narrowing of arteries in the heart and neck has not been defined.

There are many causes for inflammatory reactions in the body, but when gingivitis is found it can be reversed. An interesting study in pregnant women revealed that mothers with severe gum disease were 8 times more likely to have an underweight premature baby than mothers with healthy gums.

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Heals gingivitis, which may prevent heart attacks
Better than flossing, brushing and dental office cleaning
Heart valve infections, heart attack and stroke could decrease
Oral Guard (OG) contains 35 % food grade hydrogen peroxide, which has long been recognized as an effective therapy for gingivitis. Another component of Oral Guard is green tea, which inhibits the growth and adherence of bacteria to teeth and gums as well as acting against the development of malignant tissue in the oral cavity. The folic acid in OG helps promote proper reproduction of oral cavity cells and thus acts to help prevent oral cancers from developing. CQ 10 is a powerful antioxidant, which negates free radical injury. OG also contains aloe vera extract, comfrey root, eucalyptus oil, propolis extract, menthol, St. John’s wort, Vitamin K, and alpha lipoic acid, all of which fight infection and promote healing.

We like Oral Guard spray because it has been proven very effective in healing gingival infections, strengthening loose teeth, and probably warding off injury to arteries and bacterial spread from gums to heart valves and other parts of the body.

Shake well before using. Spray several times along the teeth and gum lines. Swish OG around in the mouth for several minutes before spitting out. Persons with severe gingivitis should use OG before all three meals. The dosage frequency can be reduced as improvement occurs. Oral Guard has a pleasant taste and leaves the mouth refreshed.

Expect steady healing of gingival tenderness with gradual strengthening of loose teeth.

We feel confident that persons using this product will heal gingivitis and thus be able to preserve their teeth. Additionally, the resolution of gingival infections should cause a decrease in heart attacks, strokes and heart valve infections. Routine tooth brushing and flossing with regular dental office tooth cleaning does not appear to be as effective in preventing plaque buildup, receding gums, and the development of gingival disease as does regular use of Oral Guard.

My wife’s dental pain, receding gums and loose teeth began to disappear after a few weeks of Oral Guard.