HIV disease has become a world wide health problem. The disease is characterized by serious injury to the immune system which permits organisms that ordinarily are not dangerous to initiate a serious infection. In parts of Africa very few persons above age 40 remain alive because of the spread of this illness.

This disease is common among homosexuals and intravenous drug users but can also be transmitted by sexual intercourse. Many pharmaceutical drugs have been used in therapy but they have problems with toxicity, expense, and marginal effectiveness.

Dr. Harold D. Foster in his book What Really Causes AIDS points out that in Senegal where prostitution and promiscuity are rampant, the incidence of positive HIV blood tests in antenatal clinics has remained at less than one per cent. In Uganda the prevalence of positive HIV blood tests in antenatal clinics was 14 % in 1998.

Senegal has very high amounts of selenium in its soil whereas Zaire , where HIV is very common, has selenium deficient soil. Thus the ingestion of food with higher amounts of selenium appears to block the transmission of HIV infections. The level of selenium in the blood of HIV positive drug addicts and hemophiliacs is a more accurate predictor of death from HIV than is the CD 4 T lymphocyte count.

The HIV virus uses up selenium as it multiplies. When the body lacks selenium the vital immune CD 4 T lymphocytes are not produced which damages the immune system, permitting infections to start and spread. The selenium-containing amino acid glutathione blocks the multiplication of the HIV virus. All the diseases found in association with HIV infection (mycobacterium avium, pnuemocystis carinii, thrush) use up selenium. The HIV virus consumes the ingredients used to make glutathione (selenium, cysteine, glutamine, tryptophan). In this manner, HIV virus is able to remove the two substances (selenium and glutathione) that block its spread.

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Thymic extract helps patients recover from autoimmune illnesses and has been beneficial in treating patients with Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV infections.

Take two capsules three times daily until improvement can be verified by your physician, when dosage may be cut to one capsule three times daily. Improvement takes at least three weeks to begin.

Expect to improve slowly and steadily after three or four weeks of therapy.

Thymic extract aids patients with fibromyalgia by improving the immune system. This may enable the body to avoid infections or be more able to overcome an infection if one is already present.

Some patients with FM also have Raynaud’s Phenomena and Sicca Syndrome which are seen in autoimmune diseases. Thymic Extract might be expected to combat these two syndromes as it is known to be very valuable in treating autoimmune diseases.