Essential oils are possibly the most potent substances in existence. In the course of preparing herbs the cutting, drying and extraction causes loss of 90 % of the medicinal activity. The essential oils are 50 times more potent than herbal extracts.

High blood pressure affects about 15 % of the U.S. populace. The standard medicines used for treatment of this serious health problem all have significant side effects. Untreated hypertension greatly increases the risk of heart attack, cerebral hemorrhage, gangrene and arteriosclerosis. The blended essential oil from the ylang ylang tree has proven effective in treating hypertension.

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Ylang ylang essential oil effectively lowers blood pressure in about 80% of hypertensives
No side effects occur
Essential oils are among the most powerful healing substances known. The blended essential oil from the ylang ylang tree has proven effective in treating hypertension. In Dr. Marcial Vega’s experience, about 80 % of patients have a favorable response.

Most persons using Ylang Ylang EO for hypertension have a good response.
One drop of Ylang Ylang EO is placed on a finger of one hand and the fingers are rubbed together. The aroma is inhaled for one minute. An electronic or conventional blood pressure apparatus is needed to monitor if a blood pressure fall occurs and how long the fall persists. If there is no fall in blood pressure an additional drop of YY EO is used on each succeeding application. YY EO is repeated when the blood pressure begins to rise (the blood pressure lowering effect typically last about 10 hours).
Approximately 80 % of hypertensive patients will have a favorable blood pressure response with Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.

Many individuals do not like to take pills. For these individuals Ylang Ylang Essential Oil affords a reasonable alternative. Many other persons are troubled by the side effects of hypertensive drugs. These persons will avoid side effects with YY EO.