An effective immune system partially depends on having healthy bacteria (lactobacilli, disporidium etc.) in the intestinal tract. Many common conditions contribute to killing these valuable healthy bacteria. Courses of antibiotics, chlorine and fluoride in drinking water, use of non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, pesticides and chemical fertilizers, high sugar diet and absence of living good bacteria in ingested food all contribute to creating intestinal bacterial populations that are unhealthy. Most Americans have a reversal of the proper ratio of 85 % beneficial and 15 % bad bacteria. Many alternative health care practitioners attempt to correct this problem by supplying living good bacteria in capsules and unique delivery systems. The problem with this approach is that it is impossible to know if these bacteria are alive when taken. Research studies have revealed that these bacteria are often no longer alive or are in such low numbers it would be impossible for them to be of value.

Russia has experienced several environmental catastrophies (accidental release of anthrax bacilli from a bio-warfare facility in Sverdlosk, Chernobyl nuclear facility meltdown). These unfortunate events led to an intensive search for a method to reestablish immune function in persons suffering serious immune injury. Research at the State Scientific Research Institute of Highly Pure Bio-preparations in St. Petersburg program screened more than 600 substances for immune stimulating activity. A lactobacillus rhamnose of raw milk from a farm near St. Petersburg was found to be the most effective of all screened substances. Previously European research had proven that fragments of certain bacterial cell walls were actually more effective in stimulating immune health than were living bacterial cells. This bacterial cell wall fragment was successfully used to treat the immune injury found in numerous patients with malignancies that developed in the Chernobyl region following radioactivity release. Lactobacillus rhamnose is widely used in the preparation of yogurt and cheese.

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Strengthens and repairs the immune system. Valuable therapy for cancer, infections, allergic diseases, auto-immune disorders, gastrointestinal symptoms, non-healing fractures, radiation injury. No side effects seen after many years of use

All patients with malignancies have disordered immune systems. We normally kill multitudes of cancer cells daily. When a malignancy is diagnosed our immune system has failed. A 47 year old woman developed abdominal swelling due to cancer of the ovary. Del Immune V was started one month before abdominal surgery. The pathology report disclosed invasion of her tumor into fat tissue and lymph channels. Her blood marker for ovarian cancer returned to normal on DIV therapy and she remains well two years later. Patients with malignancies should have an improved chance to survive if their immune system becomes healed.

Patients with auto-immune illnesses have overactive immune responses causing the body to attack its own tissues (systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, Addison’s Disease, auto-immune hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, Type 1 diabetes, psoriasis, Sjogren’s Disease and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis). The overactive immune responses become modulated to normal with DIV.

Recurring and chronic infections can be helped with DIV. This includes bronchitis, sinusitis, colds, pneumonia, hepatitis ABC, osteomyelitis, tuberculosis, HIV, bronchiectasis, and cystic fibrosis. Approximately 50 % of 50 patients with hepatitis C have recovered with DIV therapy. The other 50 % have been relieved of brain fog and feel better although they still have abnormal liver function and persisting evidence of viral load in blood specimens.

Many persons with fatigue (fibromyalgia, hepatitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, malignancies) have noted improved energy after starting DIV.

Persons with allergic disorders such as asthma, hay fever, anaphylaxis, urticaria, alveolitis and glomerulonephritis may notice decreasing symptoms on DIV therapy.

Individuals with gastrointestinal symptoms (gas, heartburn, cramping pain, belching, diarrhea, constipation) can see their symptoms subside on DIV therapy.

Non-healing fractures have healed with DIV.

Many persons with a wide variety of illnesses have improved or recovered taking DIV therapy. DIV begins to work within 6 hours

The dosage of DIV should be based on severity of illness. Persons with cancer and Hepatitis C should take 3 or 4 capsules twice daily. Less serious health problems may do well with one capsule twice daily.

Persons with malignancies, allergic disorders, infections, gastrointestinal problems, severe fatigue, non-healing fractures and auto-immune diseases can be helped by the improved immune system produced by DIV therapy.

Del Immune V represents a major advance in therapy of immune disorders. Because it’s activity is not dependent on living bacteria it has uniform effectiveness and does not require refrigeration. No side effects have been observed over long periods of therapy in high dosage. DIV is effective in regulating the overactivity seen in auto-immune diseases as well as correcting the lack of satisfactory immune responses seen in malignant diseases and HIV infections.

The immune system is composed of many different cell types that protect the body from bacterial, parasitic, viral infections and from the growth of malignant cells. Following infections antigens from the invading organisms trigger the production of antibodies so subsequent invasion by the same organism is met by prompt recognition of these organisms which are killed as the antibody attacks the antigens.

Damage to the immune system may cause an inadequate response to organisms that are normally often not dangerous so they initiate infections that can not be easily brought under control (HIV). In the same way an injured immune system may fail to detect and destroy a newly formed malignant cell allowing a malignancy to get a foothold. At times the immune system becomes overactive and this may cause the death of normal tissues that the immune system perceives as foreign (autoimmune illnesses such as systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, diabetes).

There are also illnesses where the immune system fails to function properly and the body starts to destroy it’s own tissue (auto immune disorders).Included in this category are diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, and psoriasis.

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Reverses autoimmune illnesses
Improves hepatitis C with some serology back to normal
No side effects
Dr. Carson Burgstiner, an obstetrician gynecologist, developed a chronic Hepatitis B infection which prevented him from doing surgery because of the danger of transmission of Hepatitis B to a patient. After seven years of illness he began to take an extract of thymic gland along with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. There are 45 ingredients. Six weeks later he had improved and his blood serology test for Hepatitis B became normal. This combination of ingredients had corrected a problem in his immune system’s ability to fight off the hepatitis virus. Experiments disclosed that the thymic extract was ineffective if it was not combined with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

He began to treat patients with immune disorders with thymic extract. An investigative reporter from an Atlanta television station, who happened to be a physician, came to his office in 1998 and reviewed his records. He verified the recovery of 84 cases of Hepatitis B, 34 cases of Hepatitis C, 28 cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis, 12 cases of Systemic Lupus Erythematosis, 10 cases of Multiple Sclerosis, and 12 cases of Psoriasis.

Since that time, numerous patients with HIV have stabilized and some have shown improving blood tests. HIV often causes complete destruction of the immune system resulting in recurring serious infections.

Many patients with Hepatitis C have improved and some have even had their blood serology test for Hepatitis C return to normal. Hepatitis C is a very serious illness causing many deaths and often patients need liver transplantation because of severe liver damage.

Because thymic extracts has had beneficial results in some viral infections and in some autoimmune disorders we are pleased to recommend it’s use.
Take 6 captabs twice daily with meals for serious problems and 3 captabs twice daily with meals for maintenance.
Many people using thymic extract begin to see improvement in 30 days, depending on the illness and the person.

Thymic Extract has proven to be valuable in many serious illnesses. We are confident it will continue to help many people.