Everyone has experienced inflammatory conditions such as insect, scorpion, bee, wasp, and snake bites. Massive swelling can be seen after fractures of the hip and inflammation is present to a lesser extent with fractures, injuries, and dislocations of bones.

Dental conditions such as difficult extractions can be associated with considerable swelling.
Severe sunburn frequently has marked swelling.

In the disease ulcerative colitis, there is marked swelling and thickness of the whole colon.

For these conditions we recommend Bromelain. |

Helps Relieve Inflammation ( Sunburn, Bites, Extractions, Fractures)
Enzyme In Bromelain May Help Improve Digestion
Appears To Help Ulcerative Colitis
Bromelain is a powerful enzyme extracted from pineapple that blocks inflammation. This enables Bromelain to stop swelling after bites, sprains, dislocations, fractures, dental extractions, and sunburn.
One woman had severe ulcerative colitis and was scheduled to have her colon removed, which can be life saving in severe cases of ulcerative colitis. She read about the anti-inflammatory action of Bromelain and started taking 600 mg, three times daily. She steadily improved and her physician eventually cancelled the surgery.

Bromelain is an enzyme that stops inflammation. In blocking the inflammatory response, much of the disability and discomfort of inflammatory conditions could be dissipated.

The best dose of Bromelain for a significant inflammatory problem appears to be 600 mg. three times daily. With improvement the dosage may be reduced.

Appears to diminish swelling and discomfort.

Bromelain appears to be beneficial in stopping inflammatory reactions. There is an inflammatory reaction in asthma. We think that 600 mg three times daily in a bad asthma attack could be beneficial and that smaller doses might help prevent asthma attacks from occurring. Taken before meals, Bromelain often helps persons with digestive problems. We think that Bromelain is so valuable that you should keep some in the medicine cabinet. (No one is able to plan accidents and bites.)