Kidney stones are a common problem. Those persons who have had a kidney stone are at risk for having another. Persons who develop a kidney stone appear to lack some critical component in their urine that prevents a piece of calcium from clumping together with another calcium particle and beginning the formation of a stone.

When a stone begins to migrate out of the urinary tract the stone, if sizable, may get caught in the tube that drains the kidney (ureter).This causes very severe pain as the muscular ureter attempts to propel the stone to the bladder. Large stones may need intervention by a urologist to remove the stone or treatment with a lithotripter which smashes stones.

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Antispasmodic Could Help Pass All But Large Kidney Stones
Could Help Prevent Recurrence Of Kidney Stones
No Known Side Effects
A new treatment for small or moderate sized kidney stones with an herb called Chancra Piedra has proven successful in some cases. It is a powerful muscle relaxing agent which enables the stone to move down to the bladder where it usually can pass out during urination. Dr. Wolfram Wieman of Nuremburg, Germany reviewed 100 cases of small kidney stones treated with Chancra Piedra. A reported ninety-four percent of patients were able to excrete the stone.

Because the occurrence of one stone increases the likelihood of forming another, the ability of Chancra Piedra to prevent the formation of new stones is a great asset. CP prevents the accumulation of calcium oxalate crystals, which are needed to start a new stone. This occurs even in the presence of high levels of calcium oxalate in the urine.

Chancra Piedra appears to have a surprisingly high success rate in permitting the passage of stones. Taken on a daily basis, the individual using CP is much less likely to form a new stone. Since new stones are very frequent in persons with a first kidney stone we recommend 30 drops of CP daily for all persons who have had a kidney stone.