Leg ulcers are common and difficult to treat. Two types of leg ulcers occur. One of these is related to poor blood supply to the lower leg. This is a common problem for diabetics because of their predisposition to artery narrowing.

The second is caused by chronic swelling of the leg secondary to varicose veins. In these persons the vein valves are damaged causing stagnation of blood and there has often been a problem with clots in the leg veins.

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Could Be Beneficial In Leg Ulcers
Could Help Reduce Hospital And Nursing Home Stays
No Known Side Effects
Essential Oils are among the most powerful healing substances known. They are strong antioxidants and eradicate viruses, fungi, bacteria, and parasites.

The vial of Lavender Essential Oil is inverted and the bottom is tapped so that one drop at a time falls on the ulcer. The ulcer does not need to be cleaned before application and no dressing should be applied to the ulcer.

The Lavender Essential Oil heals all ulcers without scarring. This has the potential to prevent long hospital stays and surgical procedures to attempt to improve blood supply.

Non healing ulcers are a painful condition that often requires long hospital or nursing home stays before healing occurs. The availability of Lavender Essential Oil creates the possibility to shorten these long stays. The essential oil approach to ulcer therapy is so effective that even non-healing ulcers due to cancerous tissue in the ulcer will respond. Cancer cells do not tolerate the presence of oxygen and the striking tissue oxygenation produced by essential oil probably causes the malignant cells to die.