There are more overweight people in the USA than in other nations. One reason for this may be the decrease in consumption of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA is vital for good health. It is found in beef, lamb, turkey and some milk products.

Human beings are unable to convert linoleic acid into the needed amount of conjugated linoleic acid. Decreased intake of conjugated linoleic acid and alterations in the manner of production and processing of foods that contain CLA have led to overweight problems. If there is an inadequate intake of CLA, dietary fat cannot be moved into cells or used as energy. The end result is that the body stores this fat. You get and will remain fat.

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The two primary sources of CLA are beef and milk, both of which are consumed less than in previous generations because of concerns about saturated fat. This fact is compounded by the observation that the quantity of CLA in both beef and milk has been falling for 40 years. Milk has dropped from 3 % to 1 %. The reason for the fall in beef CLA is that U.S. cattle are being fattened on feedlots with feed instead of grazed where they eat grass. Grazed cattle in Australia have meat with CLA levels four times that of U.S. beef. Therefore, even increasing our intake of meat and milk may not accomplish very much.

Human studies show that CLA causes body fat in overweight individuals to go down by 20 % in 12 weeks. This occurs with intake of 3.4 grams of CLA daily. Higher doses of CLA did not lead to any greater weight loss. This weight loss occurred without any changes in diet or exercise. Other studies in humans have revealed that CLA blocks the production of inflammatory cytokines that cause destruction of joint cartilage. Additionally, CLA stops excess production of prostaglandin 2, which has been linked to both arthritis and osteoporosis.

Good fat has an essential role to play in human health. This evidence about CLA supports the concept that lack of the correct type of dietary fat can cause obesity. High levels of insulin in the blood also cause obesity. Overweight individuals are trapped with an inability to lose weight despite their best intentions to diet. Nothing will be accomplished until their conjugated linoleic acid levels or excess insulin are corrected, so that fat can be burned instead of stored.

Clearly, following a diet when you have too much insulin or not enough CLA is destined for failure. For the person in doubt about which path to pursue, we would suggest obtaining an insulin level. If this level is normal, start CLA therapy. If the insulin level is high, stop consuming synthetic processed fats, get started on flax oil, and restrict your dietary fat intake to less than 25 % of total calories.

Slow steady weight loss has followed CLA usage. No dietary changes or exercise are needed.
Take 4 softgels of CLA daily. Each contains 750 mg. of CLA. The small intake of CLA from food brings the total CLA intake to the necessary 3.4 grams daily.

Expect to gradually lose weight as your body CLA stores are replenished.

Conjugated linoleic acid has a key role to play in whether dietary fat intake is stored or burned up. CLA is safe.