Osteoporosis is a disease in which profound softening of the bones leads to frequent fractures, often involving the hips and spine. This condition is very common in elderly women and persons who have taken cortisone for long periods of time.

Nations that depend on vegetables for calcium intake have far fewer cases of osteoporosis than nations like the U.S., where large amounts of dairy products are consumed.

Factors that contribute to the appearance of osteoporosis are excessive intake of phosphorus (carbonated beverages), sedentary lifestyle, high protein diet, excessive alcohol consumption, excessive consumption of coffee, overly vigorous exercise, cigarette smoking, Vitamin D deficiency, drugs that impair calcium metabolism, excessive consumption of dairy products, oral contraceptives, high salt intake, and fluoride intake.

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Dr. John Lee of Sebastopol, California has developed a program for treating osteoporosis that has produced striking improvements in bone density.

Patients were placed on a diet rich in green vegetables, along with low fat cheese. Red meat was limited to three times weekly. All sodas were eliminated as the high phosphorus content of sodas interferes with calcium absorption. Alcohol use was minimized and cigarettes were forbidden.

Exercise was encouraged 20 minutes each day or 30 minutes three times weekly. Bone grows only when stress is placed upon it (exercise). Patients who were on estrogen continued to take .3 to .625 mg of conjugated estrogen for three weeks each month.

Patients applied a cream containing three percent natural progesterone (Dr.’s Pride Pure-Gest) at bedtime daily for 12 days each month. For those on estrogen, the cream was to be applied the last two weeks of the month. Between 1/3 and _ of a one ounce jar of progesterone was to be applied each month. The Pure-Gest cream may be applied to the neck, breast, abdomen, or face.

Dr. Lee’s study involved 100 women and lasted three years. Most patients had already lost height from osteoporosis, some as much as 5 inches. By adding the progesterone cream, the bone density could be increased as much as 10 % in the first 6 months and then increased at a rate of 3 to 5 % annually.

Two surprising results from the study were that neither age nor time from menopause had any influence on the restoration of bone. In fact, the persons with the lowest bone densities had the fastest increases. The bone density tests showed steady improvement until the density was that of a healthy 35 year-old. No side effects were seen.

Dr.’s Pride Pure-Gest appears to be a safe way to restore bone density.

Apply 1/3 to 1/2 teaspoon of progesterone to the skin of face, neck, breast or abdomen 12 days each month. Massage gently for a minute until the cream disappears.

Many women have experienced steady bone density improvement with cessation of bone fractures.

This use of natural progesterone is a major advance in the treatment of osteoporosis. The apparent restoration of bone density appears to have helped many people. We highly recommend this approach. There are no known side effects.