It is impossible to live in our complex environment without being exposed to toxic metals (mercury, aluminum, fluoride, cadmium, etc.) and dangerous materials (pesticides, herbicides, petrochemical residues, etc.). Because these substances are ubiquitous and often unavoidable the availability of a food supplement to rid the body of some of these dangerous substances is a blessing.

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  • Supplement removes mercury and aluminum from the body
  • Toxic materials are removed from the body
  • May help schizophrenia and autism

Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega has participated in the development of a food supplement called NDF (Non-colloidal Detox Factors). This product is of great value in removing heavy metals and toxic materials from the body.

The product contains nanocolloidal cell wall chlorella, nanocolloidal cilantro, nanocolloidal Poly-Flor which contains substances from beneficial bacteria, super oxide desmutase, hyaluronidase, lipoic acid, pure water, Living Water, and BioPhoton Excitation Process. Chlorella has long been known from the mining industry to bind heavy metals to its cell wall. The major problem with chlorella has been difficulty breaking the cell wall. In this process millions of 0.1 micron sized particles of chlorella are created.

NDF is a safe food supplement that has proven more effective in binding mercury than intravenous chelation. It is also effective in removing aluminum and toxic substances from the body. In the clinical use of NDF, it was discovered that some individuals with schizophrenia recovered normal mentation while taking NDF. These persons were able to discontinue NDF without suffering a relapse of their schizophrenia.

Autism has occurred in children after immunizing injections containing mercury. The ability of NDF to remove mercury from the body makes a prolonged course of NDF a reasonable therapeutic trial for children with autism. NDF also removes toxic substances from the body and strengthens the immune system by its beneficial effects on gastrointestinal bacteria.

We think that persons with dental amalgams (which are 50 % mercury) should have the amalgams removed if possible. NDF should be taken before amalgam removal to reduce the toxic effects of the mercury. The dentist doing the amalgam removal needs to have special training to avoid release of excessive mercury during the procedure. NDF can be discontinued several months after the amalgams are removed.

We like NDF therapy because of its ability to remove mercury, aluminum, and toxic substances from the body

The initial dose is one drop in a glass of purified water taken once daily. The dose is increased by one drop each day until either fever and aching, or the odor or taste of mercury, appears. NDF is stopped until these symptoms are gone, when it should be resumed in the same dosage.

Persons with mercury exposure or other toxic substances may improve.

Individuals with schizophrenia may regain normal mental faculties after taking NDF. They have been able to stop NDF without suffering a relapse. Because autism may be related to multiple vaccine injections, some of which contain mercury, we think that a trial of NDF in autism for a period of several months could be valuable. NDF is quite safe.