Schizophrenia is a psychiatric disease that usually begins between the ages of 15 and 35. The cause is unknown. The disease has several prominent features including psychosis (loss of contact with reality), hallucinations, delusions – often bizarre, and paranoid thinking. Pharmaceutical therapy has improved some patients but there may be serious side effects.

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Supplement removes mercury and aluminum from body
Toxic materials may also be removed from body
May help schizophrenia and autism
NDF (Non-colloidal Detox Factors) is a food supplement that was co-developed by Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega of Health Horizons Clinic in Coral Gables. Florida. Dr. Marcial -Vega is board certified in radiation oncology, a background which gives him a unique insight into cutting edge innovations.

NDF contains chlorella, cilantro, Polyflor, BioPhoton Excitation Process, and living water. NDF, cilantro, and the PolyFlor are nanonized which causes the breakup into particles 0.1 micron or smaller. This small particle size greatly magnifies the therapeutic result. Chlorella binds metals (mercury, aluminum, etc.) as well as increasing the elimination of toxins, providing nutritional benefits and protection against radiation. Cilantro is well recognized as an effective chelating agent. Poly Flor increases the efficiency of the immune system.

Dr. Marcial-Vega has observed a return to normal mentation in schizophrenic patients taking NDF. Stopping the NDF is not followed by relapse.

Take 1 drop in a glass of pure water. Increase the dose by one drop daily until either flu like symptoms appear (fever, aching) or a taste and breath odor of mercury appears. Stop the therapy until symptoms have cleared.

We think there is a good chance for improvement in schizophrenia with NDF. This is far safer than drug treatment.

We believe that many patients with schizophrenia may be helped to regain normal function using NDF. The reason for recovery is unknown but could relate to removal of toxic substances and/or metals. This therapy is safe. We suggest a six-month trial of NDF. Patients who improve are able to stop NDF without relapse.