Temporomandibular joint pain is located in the jaw area. The pain often makes chewing solid food very difficult. At times a dental splint applied at night may be helpful. Surgical procedures to correct the problem have not been very effective. The inability to eat with constant pain can be very disruptive to a family.

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Could Help Some Forms of Arthritis
Could Be Beneficial For Those With TMJ
No Known Side Effects
Cetyl Myristolate (CM) was discovered by Dr. Harry Diehl while he was working at the National Institute of Health. The Swiss Albino Mouse failed to develop an arthritic illness after the injection of Freund’s adjuvant, unlike rats. Dr. Diehl discovered that the mice were being protected by a fatty acid called cetyl myristolate. If he gave rats CM before the Freund’s adjuvant they no longer got arthritis either.

Subsequent investigation has disclosed that CM is very valuable in the therapy of all arthritic diseases as well as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s Disease, emphysema, and may improve memory along with increase in energy. Among the arthritic problems helped by CM are carpal tunnel syndrome and Temporomandibular Joint pain. This represents the only simple treatment that appears to help these individuals.

Cetyl myristolate has proven beneficial in therapy of TMJ. This appears to be the safest most effective therapy for TMJ.

The dose of Cetyl Myristolate is two capsules three times daily for 1 month. Then decrease to 1 capsule three times daily if still needed.

Expect to improve on CM therapy which has a good potential to be beneficial.

Cetyl myristolate appears to be the safest, simplest therapy available for TMJ. Whether this will help all TMJ patients is unknown at this time but it seems very worthwhile to try.