Vaginal infections are a common annoying problem for many women. The three types of vaginal infections are yeast (Candida), bacterial, and trichomonas. Yeast infections often appear in women after a course of antibiotics has decreased the vaginal bacteria permitting overgrowth of yeast.

Trichomonas is spread sexually and often both sex partners need to be treated simultaneously to have a successful result. Each of these three conditions requires a different therapy.

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Herbal Preparation Helps Fight Vaginal Infections
Favorable Influence On All Types Of Vaginal Infections
No Known Side Effects
For vaginal infections we recommend the herbal product Fem-Clenz. Dr. Marcial-Vega has had favorable experience with all forms of vaginal infections using Fem-Clenz.

Fem-Clenz cures all forms of vaginal infections.
Dilute one ounce of Fem-Clenz with two ounces of water. Place this fluid into the vagina daily at bedtime for one week.
Expect prompt improvement in your symptoms

Fem-Clenz has been very effective in eradicating all forms of vaginal infections.